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Committed supporters

of theharbour andof the environment,

Gilles and Nicole Urben created the Little Train

of Geneva in 1995 to offer youthe best means 

of exploringthe left bank of the harbour.

It is a 30-minute trip with an enjoyable and

instructive audio commentary.

Nicole and Gilles Urben

A sustainable source of energy!

In 1998, the Little Train obtained

the Green “solar-electric” certification.

It is powered by batteries that are charged

by solar panels and in 2010 it became
accessible to people with impaired mobility.

Attractive, silent and kind to the planet!

Characteristics of the Little Train:
• Capacity: 60 passengers
• Length: 18m
• Loaded weight: 13 tonnes
• Motor: 18kW
• Capacity of the battery: 80V/650 Ah
• Weight of the battery: 1600kg
• Charge time of the battery: about 5h
• Maximum speed: 18km/h
• Battery life: 8h

Let’s get on board!