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Visit of Geneva’s Left Bank.

The Little Train is the best way to visit the left bank of Geneva’s harbour.In a little under 30 minutes, you will see the main sites and monuments of this part of the town.
Lake Geneva, the famous Water Fountain, the Maison Royale and St. Peter’s Cathedral will leave you wide-eyed in wonder, and of course, don’t forget to take a walk around
the impressive Parc des Eaux-Vives!Very conscientious of environmental issues and air quality,
Gilles and Nicole Urben did not take long to decide that the Little Train would run exclusively on solar power.This has been the case now since 1997, so you can relax in the knowledge that this enjoyable trip is 100% ecological. And in 2010, the Little Train became accessible for people of reduced mobility.Book now for your trip along the lakeside!