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Let’s take a 30-minute trip to see the main monuments of Geneva’s Left Bank! Here is a taster in pictures!

The famous Flower Clock, a wonderful botanic creation that also tells the time!
L'Horloge Fleurie

The Four Seasons Fountain was built by the jeweller and sculptor, Louis Dorcière in 1858.
La Fontaine des
4 Saisons

The English Garden, where the light and shade create a magical charm.
Le Jardin Anglais

Lake Geneva is a favourite for sailors from around the world!
Le Lac Léman

The Breeze, statue sculpted in 1940 by the artist Henri Koenig.
La statue de la Brise

St. Peter's Cathedral has been looking out from the summit of the old town since the 12th Century.
La Cathédrale St-Pierre

Geneva’s Water Fountain: 7 tonnes of water propelled constantly 140m into the air!
Le Jet d'Eau

The Parc des Eaux-Vives and the Parc La Grange are beautiful, peaceful sites.
Les Parcs des Eaux-Vives et de la Grange.

At the National Monument, Dame Helvetia protects the frail but independent Geneva.
Le Monument National

The Royal House was classified a historical monument in 2001.
La Maison Royale

Port Noir. This is where the friendly Swiss troops landed on 1st June 1814.
Le monument du Port Noir

Sculpture by S. Asseo and R. Schulls, carved into the trunk of a 100-year-old Sequoia tree.
Le Séquoia sculpté

The United Nations Office can be seen on the opposite bank.
Le Palais de Nations

You should get off at the Parc des Eaux-Vives as this is a delightful place to visit!